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How to practice forest bathing?

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🍃 Delving into the Magic of Forest Bathing: A Comprehensive Guide with a Self-Guided Session. Shinrin-yoku, also known as Forest Bathing, is a practice that involves immersing oneself in a natural forest environment to enhance well-being and promote relaxation. This practice originated in Japan and has gained recognition worldwide. 🌱In this course, you will learn: 🌳What is Forest Bathing? 🌿 The history of the practice. 🍂 Its numerous benefits for both Humans and the More-than-human-world. 🍃 How to experience a mindful Connection with Nature. 🌳 How to practice on your own and where to find a certified guide. Laurence Turcios, a certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide, will be your instructor. She will demonstrate how Forest Bathing is practiced and provide a full self-guided recorded session for you to use in the natural environment of your choice. Join this course to discover the transformative potential of Shinrin-yoku and gain the skills to incorporate Forest Bathing into your own life.

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