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The Naturepause November session
The Naturepause November session
Nov 11, 2023, 12:00 PM
Ray Roberts State Park, Isle du Bois
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If you are transitioning into menopause and are looking for support and guidance. Come try Nature and Forest bathing! This Japanese practice of immersing yourself in nature helps to alleviate the hot flashes, anxiety, and depression associated with menopause. The peaceful atmosphere of the forest and the natural elements provide deep relaxation and a calming effect. Forest bathing also offers many other health benefits such as improved sleep, better moods, enhanced cardiovascular health, and increased.

It's an unfortunate truth that in our culture, menopause is often taboo or viewed negatively. A time when we suffer, we feel invisible once we are no longer able to reproduce. Studies suggest that Western women suffer greater menopausal symptoms than women around the globe. But the truth is that menopause is a normal transition to a new chapter of our lives. The Chinese poetically refer to it as the "Second Spring." A special time when a woman can work with nature to have a positive impact on her health and wellbeing. 


The practice of Nature and Forest Therapy can help us lower our stress levels and turn menopause into a profoundly useful and spiritual time in our lives. 

The Naturepause is right for you if:

                You would like to reduce your stress or anxiety.

                Experience unexpected mood swings.

                Brain fog impacts your ability to concentrate.

               You are craving more time outdoors connecting with Nature.

               You are seeking guidance and support.

               You are in your menopause transition years.


                You are post-menopause and would like to create new

                beliefs around it.


If you give it a chance, menopause can bring you home to yourself.

We will walk through the five pillars of my method, SENSE, to transform your menopause transition into an awakening journey. 


S - slow down and give yourself permission to rest

E - Explore movement in Nature and learn about the health benefits of Nature therapy.

N - Nurture your soul and find new meaning to your life with the guidance of Mother Earth.

S - Sit in circle and discover the healing and magical power of Sorority.

E - Embrace the journey and grow through the initiation


Together, we...


Support each other, be seen and heard

Deepen our relationship with Nature

Refresh our spirits and expand our perspective

Explore movement in Nature

Create new beliefs about menopause


We meet once a month in different Nature preserves around Dallas

Spots are limited to 10 participants in each session.

The Naturepause September session
The Naturepause September session
Sep 02, 2023, 8:00 AM
LLELA Nature Preserve

 Connect with Nature, other women, and yourself to transform your menopause transition into your life's best initiation. 


Iskedar Adugna

I had such a beautiful experience. I was able to connect with Nature in a way i never have.


Theodora Dimitrova

It is easy to be vulnerable with people who have slowed down and are immersed in the forest.


Sandra Junker

I loved the slow-paced and silent walking. Sometimes you need to slow down to see all the beauty around you.

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